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Neurologist in Villach - Dr. Bärbl Beach


Welcome to my website! Here you can learn more about neurology and psychotherapy while forming an impression of my practice.

What can I expect of a neurologist?

Neurology is the medical specialty focused on the nervous- and muscular systems. The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, and nerves throughout the body. Neurology and psychiatry are closely related, because many diseases affecting the brain express psychiatric symptoms. Many psychiatric conditions also have neurological causes.

Dr. Beach, your neurologist in Villach, is here for you!

My practice emphasizes the value of personal interaction. Your intake interview will focus on identifying the cause of your condition. For instance, is that pain the result of an orthopedic, or a neurological condition?

Adults 18 years and older are welcome in my practice. As a neurologist, I specialize in:

  • Migraine and other headaches.
  • Parkinsons.
  • Dementia.
  • Pain.
  • Dizziness.
  • Diseases of the muscles.
  • Infectious diseases affecting the nervous system.
  • Degenerative nervous system disorders.

I am happy to give every visit the time it deserves! Initial consultations are tailored to your wishes.

Dr. Beach – Villach’s neurologist with heart and expertise.

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Some people are reluctant to visit the neurologist. Such reluctance need not hinder an appointment. I exercise careful empathy with my patients, and strive for the best possible, individually tailored treatment to accompany every diagnosis. Ensuring every patient’s understanding of their diagnosis and how best to handle this diagnosis gets my top priority.

I apply a variety of diagnostic methods according to each patient’s need. For instance:

  • Measuring nerve and muscle performance (electrophysiological methods – ENG and EMG).
  • Tests of nerves near the surface by means of reflex hammer, resonance fork, and similar instruments.
  • Psychological screening tests such as the „mini-mental status exam (MMSE)”.

Tailored therapy concepts which may include any or all of: medication, psychological counseling, physical therapy, and more. Should the optimal therapy prove beyond my expertise, I am happy to provide referrals to experts within my professional network.

I also specialize in providing expert assessments for health insurance, retirement programs, governmental needs, and insurances of all types.

My practice is a private practice; patients are typically reimbursed about 50% of their charges by their health insurance.


You can trust Dr. Beach, neurologist in Villach.

 Patients‘ reviews:

„Countless discussions with Dr. Beach revealed much about me and my illness. I am grateful for the role she played in allowing me to experience life as overwhelmingly satisfying and sometimes even joyous. Sandra Hinterecker’s indispensable support when navigating organizational bureaucracy with a smile on cold, gray Monday mornings is equally valuable…”

„My life is much better since I started seeing you. I have learned how to treat myself better.”

„Dr. Beach is the most caring expert, and patient centered neurologist I have seen.“

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